Cuckoo Malaysia Air Purifier A-Model

cuckoo malaysia

cuckoo malaysia

Air Purifier is the best technology to combat haze inside your comfort house.

CUCKOO Air Purifier equipped with 8 stages filtration with the best HEPA filter in the world. Made by famous 3M filter manufacturer.

Enhanced with CPI (Cuckoo Plasma Ionizer) the same famous technology use by Sharp Plasmacluster.

CUCKOO offer rental scheme only RM98 monthly. With free services and filters change for 3 years.

Affordable and hassle free.

Sesiapa anak ada asma, ada acute bronchitis tanya la doctor betapa pentingnya Air Purifier di rumah.

CALL / WHATSAPP 016 270 5173 (HAFIZ)

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Cuckoo Malaysia – Cuckoo Air Purifier (A Model)

cuckoo malaysia

CUCKOO Air Purifier (A Model)

with CUCKOO Plasma Ionizer (Plasmacluster Technology)
8 stages (Pre filter, Allergen filter, Harmful gas relax filter, Deodorization filter, 4in1 HEPA filter

RM98 monthly

99.99% Effective against Haze.

Energy saver 30 Watt
Made in Korea with Korean Cleaning Air Association Certificate
Voice Function
Cuckoo Plasma ionizer (CPI removal of microorganism)
Biggest filter size in the market.

Eliminating big dust in the air
Eliminating Allergen dust
Eliminating harmful substances including NO2, SO2 and benzene
Eliminating unpleasant smells and harmful gases in everyday life
Exhibiting removal function of pollen, dead body of mite and cigarette smoke

CALL / WHATSAPP 016 270 5173 (HAFIZ)

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# cuckoo malaysia