Cuckoo Malaysia – Jazz model


Introducing The World’s First In & Out
Electrolysis Sterilisation System

CUCKOO‘s revolutionary In & Out Electrolysis Sterilisation System is an innovation that allows your CUCKOO Water Purifier to clean itself, including its faucet and drain tube, ensuring that you and your loved ones can enjoy clean and safe drinking water every day.

cuckoo malaysiaCuckoo-Jazz-Model-Function

1. First In & Out Electrolysis Auto Sterilisation System 5. Energy saving Instant Hot Water – dispense hot water within 3 secs
2. New generation filter ‘Nano Positive Plus Filter 6. Fixed dispensing function – half cup, full cup or continuous dispensing
3. New generation filter ‘Natural Plus Filter’ 7. Energy eyes sensor
4. Voice Navigation (English, Malay, Chinese) 8. Compact size – 18cm slimmest design

jazz model cuckoo

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5 thoughts on “Cuckoo Malaysia – Jazz model

  1. May I know this model instant heat water dispenser need to install pipe from tap to this model? and how much its cost? tq.

  2. Yes,for Jazz model (instant heat) needs to install pipe from tap.And the cost for installation is free.Just need one month advance fee RM160 before installation

    For more info whatsapp me 016 270 5173.

  3. Hi,

    Jazz – outright price RM4999 : Free service,free filter replacement and product / spare parts warranty 2 years.

    Rental – RM 160 monthly for the first 3 years (minimum contract) after 3 years customer may return the product or extend another 2 years for ownership transfer.Monthly rental will be reduced to RM140 for year 4 -5. Free service,free filter replacement and product / spare parts warranty 5 years.

    For more info / fast reply Whatsapp 016 270 5173


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