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SimplicityCuckoo products are a reflection of the company’s philosophy – Intricacy Behind Simplicity. Which is why, each and every product that bears the Cuckoo name is crafted to be sleek, modern, easy on the eye and most importantly, simple in design. Yet, the technology and features that power these appliances are far from simple. A product of many years of research and development, the inner workings of every Cuckoo product are powerful, reliable and of course, intricately engineered.

Gone are the days of having to choose between style or substance. Now, with Cuckoo, it’s time for you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the privilege of having both form and function.



1) 6-stage Filtration

6-stages of filtration (4 filters) which produce WHO-standard clean, substance-free and mineral-rich Alkalescent water that is similar to the fluids in the human body.

2) The Patented Natural Filter

The Patented Natural Filter produces healthful water that is extremely similar in health benefits to natural water – Alkalescent water rich in minerals.

3) The Nano Positive Filter

The Nano Positive Filter removes harmful substances, heavy metal and 99.99% of virus and bacteria from the water while preserving the mineral content.

4) Stainless Steel Water Tank

All Cuckoo water purifiers use high-density stainless steel water tanks to prevent heat transformation of fur and maintain a clean condition at all times.

5) Natural Care Service

Cuckoo is the first water purifier brand in the country to introduce Natural Care Service which consists of the Steam Sterilization service.

6) Shortest Filter Replacement Period

Every 4 months service free of charge.

7) No Wastage of Water Throughout the Filtration Process.

8) Effective Even in Areas with Low Water Pressure.


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6 thoughts on “Cuckoo Products

  1. Please tell me what the term contract stated if I want to do monthly rental only. Is there any duration or which the item will belong to the renter once the total payment complete as what other provider did. Please specify more on contract clauses.

  2. Hi,thanks for your interest in Cuckoo products.

    Minimum contract is 3 years,after 3 years you may return the product or extend another 2 years for ownership transfer.For year 4 until 5 monthly rental will be reduced.For instance : Fusion top model RM 103.88 / month for the first 3 years..and will be reduced to RM 84.80 for year 4-5.

    Rental – Free service,filter replacement every 4 months and product warranty for 5 years.

    For more info : Call / whatsapp 016 270 5173

    or email me

  3. Hi do you have any agent in Singapore?If I want to rental may I know the price regarding rent and monthly payment.Thank you.

  4. Hi,you may contact Cuckoo Singapore.


    Cuckoo International (S) Pte Ltd (HQ)
    16 Keong Saik Road,
    Singapore 089123

    Telephone : +65 6225 7794
    Mobile: +65 9170 6625

    Office Hours:
    Monday – Friday
    10:00am to 7:00pm
    (Closed on Public Holidays)

  5. Hi Mr/Ms.Vaani,

    Yes,Cuckoo filtered water is suitable for kids.Cuckoo water average Ph is around 7.5-7.9 which is suitable for normal human body.Regardless of their age.

    For more info can call 016 270 5173 or whatsapp : for fast reply.


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