GRACE has been discontinued.
01Smart.Revitalizing mild-alkaline water purifier.


One faucet convenience design.


Shortest filter replacement period :


For more info :

Call / Whatsapp : 016 270 5173

2 thoughts on “Grace

  1. i think to buy or rent a fusion top water filter for my house.
    May i get more information about that? any other charges ex.maintanence fees & etcs
    besides, alkaline water is it suitable for a just born baby?

  2. Okay,

    Fusion Top model (hot & cold)-the price is RM 3392(Cash/outright)Free service,filter replacement every 4 months & product warranty 2 years.

    Fusion Top rental – RM98 +6 % gst = RM 103.88 /month for 3 years (minimum contract).After 3 years you may return the product or extend another 2 years for ownership transfer.The rental price will be reduced to RM84.80 for year 4 & 5 – Free service,filter replacement every 4 months & product warranty 5 years.

    For rental packages,to start only needs one month rental(October promotion).Installation is free.

    Cuckoo water is mild alkaline water,average ph 7.5-7.9…it’s suitable for everyone,ages..etc.

    For more info call / whatsapp 016 270 5173..will give u more details and pictures of the product and the packages we have via Whatsapp.

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